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5 things to do in Dubai, UAE

  1. Go sky diving in Dubai and zoom in on the man made islands as you gravitate down.

  2. Get lost or get dead-tired just walking through the never-ending seamless malls of Dubai.

  3. Swim in a top-storied apartment pool and watch Burj-Khalifa (worlds tallest building) in the horizon.

  4. Go to the Dubai creek and watch the ships sailing over the turquoise blue waters. Better still, take a cruise down this creek and watch out for the shimmering sunlit buildings in the afternoon.

  5. Go to Barasti or Nasimi (2 of the most happening Beach Bars in town) and party away in the expat-only crowd. Nasimi is the party place in Burj-Al-Arab (Worlds 4th tallest luxury hotels) and hosts amazing New Years’ parties and general bashes all year round.


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