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5 things to do in Singapore

  1. Head to Raffles park and catch most of Singapore attractions here. You have the water gurgling Merlion at one end, the Estana theatre by the side and Marina Bay Sands hotel overlooking everything, all surrounding the Singapore river. Watch the sparkling lights show sitting by the river side and an orchestra playing at the open theatre in the background.

  2. Visit Chinatown to experience the Chinese culture. Purchase some artefacts and some chopsticks or just guzzle on some Tiger beer at one of the open restaurants lining the street. Go to the Buddha Tooth Relic temple and pay respect to the various forms of decorated Buddhas displayed prominently inside.

  3. Go jogging or cycling at one of the many beach side parks (particularly West and East Coast parks). Watch people skateboard, barbecue, fish or pitch sleeping tents all across the park.

  4. Visit Sentosa and walk around the tallest Merlion, Sentosa Casino, Universal Studios or one of the many beach side party pubs. As stated earlier, the night-time allure of these places is quiet enchanting to say the least.

  5. Take in the sights and the sounds on Orchard road and visit one of the many adult shops lining the streets or get some high-end shopping done.


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