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5 things to do in Yangon, Myanmar

  1. Visit a Pagoda. The golden Buddha(s) will outshine your ornaments.

  2. Visit a local pub to enjoy some cheap alcohol. You will get a localized version of a Fashion show free of cost.

  3. Eat some crickets or frogs or any other critter delicacy at one of the local Burmese restaurants. Don’t forget to try their Myanmar Beer (apt name eh?).

  4. Cycle through the paddy fields in one of the nearby villages. The village children may hoot or laugh as you cycle on the dirt paths or while you faint in the hot sun.

  5. Visit the War memorial i.e. Taukkyan War Cemetery. Take in the neatly cut fragrant garden and the white tombstones as some wedding shoot goes on in this picturesque location.


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