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My favourite Bars in Toronto

This is not an exhaustive list, but here you go -

  1. Bar Wellington - old English pub vibes

  2. Project Giggle water

  3. Pretty Ugly Bar

  4. Bar Raval

  5. Char no.5 whiskey bar - the best whiskey Muskoka cocktail in town

  6. Taverna Mercatto - love the Italiano vibe

  7. Bar Buca

  8. Portland variety - they sadly closed sometime back, but omg their blueberry lemon ricotta pancakes!

  9. The Cloakbar - a secret underground bar where you need to call them up for someone to come and escort you inside.

  10. Belfast Love

  11. 416 snackbar

  12. Locals

  13. Wurst

  14. Baro rooftop

  15. Done Right Inn on Queen st w

  16. The Painted Lady on Ossington ave

  17. Mrs. Robinson on college st - love love love this fancy place!

  18. Kegs Steakhouse

  19. Poetry jazz cafe in Kensington market

  20. Pai - thai vibrant restaurant / bar



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