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A daredevil and hilarious take on the art of product management, technology and innovation. Insiders edition.

I eat, drink and breathe product. I even talk like a product manager when my friend muses about buying the very expensive Dyson hair dryer. I ask - what problem are you trying to solve by buying this trendy product?! What's the ROI dude?

She disowns me multiple times a year.

After hilariously stumbling into product management (more on that in my upcoming book), I've spent the last 12 years of my professional career thinking about customer success, product processes, strategy, operations, product-market fit and more for different types of industries ranging from eCommerce in publishing and B2B SaaS based software to fintech & banking.

I regularly write about product management, technology, fintech and innovation at , but I've more to say. Actually I'd want to commit myself to write quality essays about the finer aspects of product as well as things that product managers usually don't talk about - friction with engineering & design teams, imposter syndrome, should product managers leave the UX alone, frustration of writing requirements & documentation, how to garner respect from a stubborn team and more! 

Hence I decided to document all my experiences, musings, thoughts, insights and moonstruck ideas into an online journal/book that I can share with people of my tribe, with people who're as passionate as me of product management as well as with people who are new to the extraordinary art of product.

Launching my Kickstarter page soon! (2020)

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