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5 things to do in Bangalore, India

  1. Attend one of the numerous concerts happening around town (Bangalore is the perpetual concerts-playground with many world-famous artists playing all year round).

  2. Visit UB city for some high-end shopping and partying/lifestyle experience.

  3. Try to get into one of the many house parties happening around town. You are bound to form connections and get some hash and other drugs too in the process.

  4. Visit one of the many hill-stations and get-aways around Bangalore over the weekend. Hogenakkal falls, Yercaud, Mysore, Gokarna, Kodaikanal, Ooty, Coorg, Wayanad, Badami, Hampi and the list goes on.

  5. Visit old-town Bangalore especially the spices and flower market to take in the old world rustic charm of Bengaluru.


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