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Tokyo Tales

A friend recently asked me my favourite things to do in Tokyo. So here're a few of them -

  1. Climb Mount Fuji (1 full day and night) – best experience ever! + try to see the surrounding areas around Fuji

  2. Go to Manga cafes – café that have entire walls filled with different kinds of anime and manga books/comics etc.

  3. Travel on Shinkansen

  4. Eat –Ramen, Sushi, Omu rice, Tempura, Yakitori, Gyozas, Bento box

  5. Go to an hot water spring Onsen

  6. Ghibli museum – if you’re into anime movies

  7. Have drinks or appetizers in an Izikaya (in Shinjuku and other popular districts or at any other neighbourhood bar)

Touristy places to visit –

  1. Harajuku district for shopping and roaming around

  2. Shinjuku

  3. Shibuya intersection - Starbucks at Shibuya intersection to watch the world go by

  4. Ginza district – high end shopping – sit at Le Café Doutor to watch the world go by

  5. Meiji Shrine

  6. Asasuka Sensoji temple

  7. Akhihabhara

  8. Nezu shrine

  9. Tokyo tower

  10. Odaiba

  11. Tokyo Imperial palace


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