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5 things to do in Nepal

  1. Take a plane ride over the majestic Himalayas and see the tip of the Everest at close quarters.

  2. Visit Chitwan National Park in Nepal where you can stay in an environmental friendly resort. Stay in wooden cottages by the riverside where animals from the jungle opposite your resort come to quench their thirst, especially during night. Take a bath with the Elephants in the river or go canoeing or boar-watching in the jungles.

  3. Roam around town (either cities of Kathmandu or Pokhara) and pay homage to the numerous monasteries. Ty to talk to the child monks and have a picture taken with them.

  4. Visit the casinos and drink some bubbly as you sway away your cash on random slot machines.

  5. Go White River Rafting at Kali Gandaki or Seti rivers or try your hand at paragliding over the picturesque mountain ranges.


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